Memoir of a Death Angel - Richard M. Hatch

Memoir of a Death Angel

I was asked by the author to illustrate her book with pictures.  The following pictures were all shot on medium format film.   While only about 40 of the images are actually in the book I've included all that were shot for the project.  

About the book:

MEMOIR OF A DEATH ANGEL is the coming-of-age story of Persephone Matepas, a mortal who's destined through ancestral lineage to transform into a winged angel of death. Her whole family is being stalked by an extremist Greek Orthodox sect, whose dark mission is to kill nascent death angels and thus-by their twisted reasoning- save humanity by banishing mortality altogether. A modern fantasy which mixes orthodoxy with the supernatural, the formal with the irreverent, pure love with obsessive lust, compliance with rebellion, and questions whether one's fate is truly inescapable. A wild but guided journey, made possible by an author familiar with both sides of the River Styx. "The sense of place is palpable, the narrative situations absorbing, the main character, Persephone, compelling and complex. Magical realism at its best." -Sara Pritchard, author of HELP WANTED: FEMALE "Oh my. The audacity of genius. Anagnost has done for Death Angels what Bram Stoker did for vampires. Beautifully written, terrifying, and knock-down glorious. " -Robert P. Arthur, author of HYMN TO THE CHESAPEAKE "A magical evocation of a Greek-American childhood. Haunting ... at times, terrifying." -David Poyer, author of THE WHITENESS OF THE WHALE "Myth, Magic, Medicine, and one extraordinary female hero ... a wild not-to-be-missed descent to the underworld." -Lenore Hart, author of THE RAVEN'S BRIDE

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